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Here are the 10 most commonly asked questions about funeral pre-planning. We offer straightforward answers and simple, easy-to-understand actions that make life easier now and later.

What if something happens to Ridley (i.e., moves, closes)? What happens to my investment? Where does the money go?

Ridley Funeral Home offers financial security to your investment. Our pre-planning monies are separate legal entities. We are granted access to your funds only upon your death. Should something ever happen to Ridley, your pre-planning funds would remain safe, secure and held in trust. Your funeral would still be paid for in full as and when required.

What happens if I move to a different city, province or territory? Is my arrangement transferable and exempt from additional fees?

You may select a different funeral director and funeral home if you move. We transfer your file and your funds at no additional cost to your new funeral provider. 

What happens if I’m not in good health right now?

We promise to accept your application regardless of your age or state of health. You can take as much time as you need to gather information, fill out paperwork and write down your wishes. 

What happens if I change my mind about my arrangement?

You are always welcome to make changes to your arrangements and/or speak to your funeral director. Our pre-planning sessions can happen at the funeral home, at your home or over the phone. A first-time appointment is usually no longer than 60 minutes. Follow-up sessions can take as little effort as a phone call, email or drop-in visit.

What happens if I don’t want to pay for everything upfront? Do you offer payment plan options?

You may pay over 12 months at no extra charge. Some families prefer to spread their monthly payments over a three-year, five-year or 10-year period for a small additional fee.

What happens if I die before my installment payments are paid in full?

If you’ve made 12 months of payments your insurance provider will cover the remainder of your investment. As with most types of coverage it is imperative you provide up-to-date information (health) to your insurance provider in order to receive full coverage. 

What happens if death happens away from home?

We offer a travel protection program that insures you and your family against all conveyance (transfer) charges anywhere in Canada and the world. 

What happens if I want to invest in a plan for someone else?

Inform the funeral director you’re working with and they’ll ensure that all correspondence be sent to you directly and confidentially. We promise absolute discretion.

What happens if I live to be 100+ years old?

When your pre-arrangement is paid in full your loved ones will never be asked for more money no matter how high inflation might be.

What happens if my situation changes after I’ve paid for a plan in full?

If you move to another country or experience any other change of circumstances that prevents us from fulfilling your wishes, Ridley will provide a full refund.