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Within one week of a funeral service we meet with families to offer confidential non-sales guidance about government benefits, federal and municipal paperwork, bank account updating, etc. Our complimentary support and assistance helps you solve practical matters that can feel burdensome, overwhelming and difficult.

We can help you apply for:

Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security such as lump-sum death benefits and/or request for income continuance

Retirement and pension plans such as private, provincial or federal survivor benefits.

Bank account changes such as closing account(s), managing joint account(s) and the addition of new account holder name(s).  

Survivors Funeral Plan records and consolidates vital information about your final wishes and funeral arrangements.


Irene Bryant is our bilingual (English and Polish) Family-and-After Care specialist. She meets families onsite or in the convenience of your home. 

Most sessions take less than 30 minutes. Families leave feeling clear, unburdened and financially empowered. Irene can also direct families to bereavement and community groups in the West End.


To set up an appointment with Irene please call (416) 259 3705 or email her at irenebryant@ridleyfuneralhome.com .