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Funeral Pre-Planning in Etobicoke

Whether you are 35, 50 or 75, pre-planning a funeral allows you to save time, energy and money for yourself and your loved ones. Although it can be difficult to contemplate our mortality or the mortality of loved ones, funeral pre-planning in Etobicoke ensures that our final wishes are honoured, personalized and respected. At Ridley Funeral Home we offer funeral pre-planning services so you can make the tough choices instead of your loved ones.

Pre-planning your funeral means that you’re taking charge of your end-of-life options. You’ll get to decide between cremation and burial services as well as other details. Among your service choices are:
  • Your choice of casket or cremation container
  • Your funeral package options, including a celebration of life and the Ridley exclusive
  • Music selections
  • Participants such as family and friends
  • How to arrange your memorial
All of these decisions will help create a meaningful service where your wishes are met. Funeral pre-planning removes all of the guesswork from the service – no one will wonder what you would have wanted, how much you would have wanted them to spend or where to turn for help with planning.

Why Pre-Plan Your Funeral

Similar to estate planning, pre-planning your funeral allows you to make clear-headed decisions that save your loved ones from having to plan a funeral during a time of grief. More and more people are choosing to do funeral pre-planning in Etobicoke because:
  • You will spare loved ones a financial burden
  • Your wishes will be fulfilled
  • You can discuss your decisions ahead of time with your family and friends
  • You will spare your loved ones trouble in times of grief
  • You will freeze most costs at today’s prices regardless of inflation (on average funeral costs increase by 10% each year)
  • Payments can be made all at once or in monthly installments
Funeral pre-planning is a smart choice because, while it is unfortunate, death comes with a financial cost. Planning and paying for your funeral in advance can give you peace of mind, offset the costs and help your loved ones get through a tough time.

Planning for the Future Today

At Ridley Funeral Home, we are very flexible with your funeral pre-planning. You can meet with our licensed staff over the phone or in person at your residence or at Ridley. You are always welcome to make changes to your arrangements, and if you move you can always select a different funeral director and home for your pre-planned service.

When you’re ready to meet with one of our funeral directors we’ll help you understand all you need to know about pre-planning as well as our cremation and cemetery services. At your first funeral pre-planning session, one of our funeral directors will record your basic vital statistics such as address and occupation. We can also answer any of your questions at this time. If something comes up later that you would like to discuss, you’re always welcome to chat with one of our funeral directors at (416) 259 3705.

You can also check out our pre-planning Q&A to learn more about the choices and options you have for funeral pre-planning in Etobicoke.