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This plan is for a discreet gathering that includes:

All funeral director services (access to up to three funeral directors plus support staff)   

Attending to all necessary funeral arrangements

Courier concierge service (at-home pickup of clothing, memorabilia, paperwork)

Local conveyance (transfer) of the deceased from place of death to funeral home

The care of the deceased prior to cremation or burial  

Use of our lounge, chapel and service room(s), coffee and tea service, AV equipment, music selection, flower stands, etc.

Family and friends viewing (up to 20 people for one hour) 

Staff-accompanied conveyance (transfer) of deceased to local crematorium or cemetery in a hearse

The provision of a hearse for conveyance (transfer) of cremated remains for a service at a local chapel, church, crematorium, cemetery or other location

After the service our complimentary concierge service can deliver flower arrangements to your home or charity of choice and return all memorabilia    

Family can schedule pick-up of ashes from funeral home or request presentation of cremated remains to (local) family home  

TOTAL: $3490 plus HST

A selection of urns, caskets and vaults are available onsite.

Additional disbursements may include coroner’s certificate, newspaper obituary, cremation and/or cemetery fees, municipal registration, Clergy or non-denominational celebrant. Disbursements are all at cost (i.e., no hidden fees, no markups)