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Teresa Joan Smith
October 12, 1939 - August 02, 2018
3080 Lake Shore Boulevard West,
Toronto, ON
M8V 1K3
(416) 259 - 3705
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Attempting to chronicle the life of someone as Beloved and close as your Mother is a harrowing task. I will do my best to expound in these few lines a loving glimpse at the life of my Mother.

Joan Smith, or "Joanie" was third born of 4 sisters, that came from extremely humble and hardpressed beginnings, a post great depression baby and right at the time of the second World War. As she was able in her childhood, she did what was required to help her Mother and family survive difficult times, including leaving school in the 8th grade, learning how to do office clerical work to help support them. She met my Dad, Edward David Smith at Sunday School, and they dated until they were married and started raising a family. Four children, all of which came along pretty close apart, and she still managed to juggle working with family to help keep us all in comfort. She loved thrift shopping, and soon amassed enough inventory to start doing shows, selling dolls and collectables as a hobby and to supplement the family income, and all the while, making more friends and keeping so incredibly active. She worked full-time, tended to her family's needs, enjoyed cottaging, snowmobiling, boating (okay, some these were my fathers passions, but my mother was along for the ride and of the mind that she would do these things together with him) and always seemed to have life long friends to visit with on almost every weekend no matter what the season. And while we were small, our lives always seemed to be off to go somewhere or do something with them. My parents were "doers" together. She worked in payroll and was payroll supervisor for several different companies over the many years she was employed. As a mother, she would help any way she could if yTou were having trouble. It was just her nature. It's how she lived. She was young to become a mother and then again a Grandmother, but she loved all of her Grandkids and I know that for many years she missed the daily contact with them and the opportunity to spoil them the way she would have if they were in close geographic proximity. She marvelled at the way the world had changed in her lifetime, recounting on many occasions how different the world was from when she was little. Her life slowed since the passing of her husband and retirement. But she loved her garden. She didn’t like being housebound. She battled back from 2 serious and critical episodes with Cushing's Disease enduring both a surgery and then years later radiation treatments. Her condition was well documented by her physicians and her case was foundational in the treatment of this rare condition. She did the best she could with what she was given. She did her life amazingly. I am so incredibly proud that she was my Mother. And I know there are so many lives she touched with her spirit. I will carry her with me always, she is so much a part of who we all are as a family. Please consider sending a donation to in her memory to or any Cushing support organization of your choosing. I know my Mom wanted them to learn from her case study and help anyone that experienced this condition.