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Personalize Your Service: Memorial Services in West Toronto

Honouring the memory of a recently passed family member is extremely important to the grieving process. In these tough times Ridley Funeral Home is here to help plan out your memorial services in West Toronto and the surrounding area. This beautiful final gesture can be complex and difficult, but to make things easier we offer several different packages and prices to suit your needs. From intimate services to large gatherings, we can make available whatever you need to truly honour your dearly departed. We will work closely with you to make their memory last forever.

When you are ready we are here to start planning your loved one’s memorial service. Call our friendly staff at Ridley Funeral Home today to start the process. We’re here for you.

Funeral Packages & Memorial Services at West Toronto’s Ridley Funeral Home

Ridley Funeral Home ensures that you are never left alone to plan the funeral and memorial services for a departed loved one. You are dealing with your own thoughts and feelings surrounding the recent loss, leaving you with a very stressful situation at best. That is why we have created clear, transparent, and easy to understand funerary packages to help you save time, money, effort, and additional grief. Each package includes funeral services, transport, care for the deceased, family & friends viewing, and much more depending on which package suits you best. Visit each package’s individual page for much more information and pricing. Our funeral packages include:

Commemorative Gathering
Celebration of Life
Ridley Exclusive
Out of Country

Please note, all Ridley Funeral Home funeral directors are not seeking a commission during your time of need, as they are salary earning employees, so you can rest assured that nothing but honest help and support is offered.

Create a Memorial Video to Enhance Your Memorial Service

Collect all your memories together in one place to cherish forever. A memorial video serves as a great way to remember everything about your departed family member during your service. Remind all in attendance about their shared love and admiration for the deceased in a more powerful way than still images alone. Feature specific music, photos, and home videos to truly capture everything you want to remember. As experienced audio-visual technicians, our funeral directors will create a moving tribute to your loved one.

Should I Start Pre-Planning My Funeral?

Of course it can seem like a morbid thought at first, but the idea behind pre-planning your own funeral is the benefit of your surviving family members. Regardless of your age, funeral arrangements and final wishes can be made to your own specifications. Making these decisions now with a clear head can alleviate the pain and suffering of your family in the future. Just like how creating a will and testament protects your family’s finances, pre-planning a funeral protects your family’s emotional and mental well-being.

If you have any more questions about our memorial services and what we can offer the recently bereaved, then please give us a call or send us an email. Our staff is here to help you through the grieving process with honour and respect.