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How to Choose a Celebrant/Clergy to Conduct the Funeral Service | Ridley Funeral Home

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How to Choose a Celebrant/Clergy to Conduct the Funeral Service

Planning a funeral service involves many details, and every detail may have special significance. From the viewing to the eulogies to the prayer or poetry readings, every aspect of the service matters. At Ridley Funeral Home in Etobicoke , we want your service to be as smooth and stress-free as possible. We are here to answer any questions you might have about the planning process and funeral arrangements.


One important factor is choosing a celebrant or a member of the clergy to officiate. You will want to ensure that this person makes a solid match for the service you are planning. 

Funeral Services in Etobicoke: Selecting an Officiant

When you are deciding which person will officiate a funeral service, these are some points worth considering:


  • Role of the Clergy/Celebrant – At a funeral, the role of the celebrant or clergy member (referred to as the officiant) is to conduct the service in an official capacity. The officiant will give a formal eulogy, lead the prayers if applicable, and invite those present to any event that might immediately follow the service. Essentially, this person’s role is to lead and provide structure to the funeral service.


  • Clergy or Celebrant – If you hold a funeral service in a place of worship, the person who officiates will likely be a member of the clergy. If you are unsure as to who that should be, you might ask a person in authority where you worship. When you hold the service at a funeral home, you can still have a member of the clergy officiate if you wish. Alternatively, you might prefer to ask the funeral home director to serve in that capacity.

  • Your Choice – You should feel comfortable with your choice of the individual you select. There is no rule that dictates who should officiate. Instead of a clergy member or a funeral home director, you may want to ask a relative or close friend. This individual should reflect the values of the deceased and the deceased’s loved ones whenever possible.


  • Planning in Advance – In many cases, people opt to make many of the arrangements for their own funerals. You may pre-arrange the details of your service if that is what you want to do. Another option is for family members or friends to discuss their wishes before the time is imminent. You can include the choice of officiant in the discussion.

  • Once You Know – After you have a good idea about whom you might select, talk to the person for clarity. A clergy member or official celebrant should be prepared to answer most of your questions. If you choose a friend or relative, discuss every aspect of the service that involves the officiant.

The person you select to conduct a funeral service will play a major role in the event. Be certain that you feel comfortable with this individual before you make your decision. The staff members at Ridley Funeral Home consider your experience a top priority. Do not hesitate to ask us questions or to discuss any concerns you may have.

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