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A Guide to Planning Memorial Services | Ridley Funeral Home

Posted On 5/23/2018 By

A Guide to Planning Memorial Services

Memorial services are an excellent way to celebrate your loved one’s life without the formality and cost obligations of an official funeral service. More so, it is an opportunity for everyone to come together and celebrate everything your loved one contributed to this world.

Getting started with planning memorial services in West Toronto can be daunting, but there are ways to make the process easier.

Expert Tips for Planning a Memorial Service

Creating a personalized memorial experience for your loved one is the perfect way to say goodbye. Whether you plan to host a small memorial service or you wish to invite everyone who knew and loved your family member, here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Pick the Date: Decide what day and time work for you. Your memorial service does not have to be immediately after your loved one’s death. In fact, it can be days, weeks, or months after, when you and the rest of the family are ready. Some families wait until the first anniversary of their loved one’s death too.
  • Location: Pick a location that will hold your expected number of guests, and that suits the style your loved one is remembered for. You can use a church, park, beach, family member’s backyard, or even a local community centre.
  • Guest List: Make a guest list of friends, family members, and coworkers. You can personally call and invite each person, email them, or mail invitations.
  • Food and Music: Traditionally, food is served at a memorial service. The food does not have to be a large meal. In fact, you can serve appetizers, snacks, or have a potluck. Decide what music you would like played during the service. If your loved one had a favourite poem, assign a friend or family member to read it during the service. Flowers are optional, and you can also consider fresh plants or another type of decoration that held special meaning for your loved one.
  • Memory Tables: Memory tables with symbolic pieces, photographs, and items that were significant to your loved one can be set up at the entrance and throughout the location to honor the departed soul.
  • Service: Find someone who can lead the service and welcome all attendees. This individual will also introduce any speakers you have scheduled, guide your group through prayers, songs, and initiate the periods of silence for the group.
  • Programs: If your memorial service is longer, you may want to include a program that helps break down the times for your attendees and let them know what they have in store.
  • Ask Family: You should not plan the memorial service alone. Instead, ask family members and friends to assist you. Ask for volunteers for readings, setting up and taking down, and speakers who will pay tribute.

Sometimes, planning a memorial service alone is too much to handle for the bereaved individuals. That is why Ridley Funeral Home is here to help. We create customized memorial services that include a cremation and service to remember your loved one. We can accommodate religious and cultural backgrounds too.

Ridley Funeral Home wants to help you arrange memorial services in West Toronto. Call us at 416-259-3705, or contact us via email if you prefer.