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Remembering Loved Ones Over the Holidays

Posted On 12/7/2018 By

Remembering Loved Ones Over the Holidays

The holiday season can be hard if you've recently lost a loved one, or even if it calls to mind someone who passed on longer ago. At Ridley Funeral Home, we understand how this feels. We provide funeral services in West Toronto, as well as other types of memorial services for remembering lost loved ones. If you're looking for a way to remember a loved one this holiday season, here are some of our best suggestions.

Light a Candle in Their Memory

A simple but meaningful gesture, sometimes all you need to remember and honour your loved one is to light a candle in their memory. Maybe you'd like to get a special candle at the beginning of the season that you can light each time they come to your mind.

Visit a Place Where you Feel Close to Them

To feel closer to your loved one this holiday season, why not visit their resting site or a place where they used to like spending time? Maybe there was a park that you liked to walk in together or a short road trip you enjoyed taking.

Set a Place for Them at the Table

If your loved one will be particularly missed at holiday meals, then why not set a place for them to affirm and celebrate their memory? You can even prepare their favourite dish to serve during the meal.

Look at Old Photos and Home Videos

The holidays are a great time to pull out old photo albums and home videos that you can watch with your friends and family. If a lot of your photos of your loved one are digital, then you can even consider getting them developed.

Make a Memorial Video

A memorial video is a great way to create a moving tribute using pictures and videos of your loved one. It can be set to some of their favourite music and shared with your friends and family during holiday gatherings. If you don't have the know-how or the time to make one yourself, the funeral directors at Ridley Funeral Home would be honoured to create a memorial video for you.

Perform a Kind Deed in Their Memory

Did your loved one support a charity or have a cause that was close to their heart? Consider making a donation or volunteering your time in their honour. Alternatively, an act of kindness to a friend or family member, or perhaps even to a stranger, can be a good way to honour their memory.

Memorial and Funeral Services in West Toronto

However you choose to remember your loved one over the holidays, Ridley Funeral Home is here to help. We not only provide funeral services in West Toronto, we also offer a variety of services for dealing with a loved one's passing. You don't have to feel alone in your grief or your efforts to hold a special memorial.

For more information on our memorial and funeral services in West Toronto, please contact us today.