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What to Expect

If you’re feeling anxious, overwhelmed, nervous or grief-stricken about planning a funeral, you’ve come to the right place. The information below will alleviate much of your stress and anxiety about what to expect when visiting our funeral home.  

We promise you’ll be guided throughout the entire process, from anticipated loss to the immediate aftermath of a death. Our expert staff are here to support and help you every step of the way.

When you call us, you will need to know:
-the name of the deceased person
-the place of death
-the next of kin information (i.e., name, address, telephone number, email address)
-the name of cemetery and/or cemetery plot if burial is preferred
-the faith, religious or cultural background of the deceased 
-if the service needs to be delayed to accommodate out-of-town family
-a convenient time for you to visit the funeral home and complete the arrangement (you can request an at-home visit if mobility is difficult)  

When you visit us, you will need to bring:
-clothing for the deceased if there is a private and/or public viewing
-a recent photograph or digital photograph (j.peg) to assist us with the deceased’s appearance if there is a private and/or public viewing
-if a cemetery property has been purchased, paperwork and/or details about the burial plot
-a list of vital statistics about the deceased so we can register the death:
    full name
    social insurance number
    birth date (d/m/y)
    place of birth (city, province, country)
    name of deceased’s father and his place of birth
    name of deceased’s mother, her maiden name and her place of birth
    full name of spouse or former spouse (including maiden name) if applicable

During the arrangement, we will discuss:
-cremation, burial and memorial options
-service details such as date, place and time
-obituary content and publication requests
-celebrant, clergy or officiant roles (if any) 
-reception and catering facilities 
-legacy options such as urns, indoor/outdoor niches, ground burial (plot) and scattering gardens
-flexible, easy-to-understand payment options

We can help you and your family pay tribute without paying a fortune. Call one of our funeral directors at (416) 259-3705.