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Casket Options in Etobicoke

A very important part of the funeral decision-making process is choosing the right casket. At Ridley Funeral Home, we offer a wide range caskets in Etobicoke to reflect the personal taste of your loved one and your family. Since caskets are usually the largest purchase related to a funeral or memorial service, it’s important to think clearly and choose wisely.

We understand it’s a very tough decision to make as the casket will be the final resting place for your loved one. Caskets are a personal choice and we want you to feel completely comfortable with your decision. Our staff does not work on commission and is here to assist with all of your questions and needs during the selection process.

Types of Caskets in Etobicoke

At Ridley Funeral Home we offer four main types of caskets:
  • Wood – caskets can be made from hardwoods such as ash, maple, elm, engineered hard wood, veneer and others. Often wooden caskets are hand sculpted and meticulously polished to add visual appeal.
  • Metal – metal caskets are usually made of bronze, copper or stainless steel. Bronze and copper caskets are non-rusting and considered a prestigious statement. Stainless steel caskets are rust resistant and a great value.
  • Environmental – our environmentally friendly caskets are made of natural materials that will easily decompose when buried in order to leave a relatively small impact on the earth.
  • Rental – rental caskets look just like regular caskets except they have removable Inserts and liners. During the viewing and funeral your loved one will be in the casket, following the services, the insert and interior lining will be removed for burial or cremation.
Additions can be made to the casket of your choice, including protection against water and external fittings such as brass handles or plaques. You may also have options regarding the trimmings for the interior of the casket. Only certain caskets can be personalized, depending on the manufacturer, so please speak to a funeral director to learn about your options.

Caskets for Cremation, Jewish Funerals & Other Ceremonies

By law, a casket or rigid container is required for cremation because the body needs to be supported in some way. We offer a simple wood/cardboard container for cremations prior to the services. We are also able to attain any type of casket required for different religious funerals.

More Information about Choosing Caskets in Etobicoke

While often used as interchangeable terms, caskets and coffins are in fact different products. Caskets, a term most often used in North America, are rectangular in shape. Coffins are available in Europe and generally have six or eight sides.

Planning ahead often makes things easier. You can always choose to pre-plan your own funeral so that your loved ones don’t have to make all of the big decisions during an emotional time. Pre-planning your funeral will ensure your wishes are met, and you can pay ahead of time to offset the costs for your loved ones.

Choosing a casket is very personal and emotional. You have many factors to consider including circumstance, cost, and the wishes of your loved one. When it’s time to make a decision, come in to visit Ridley Funeral Home. We have a selection room and several books to look through for every option and budget.